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The Rapture Chronicles #2: "The Homegoing"

Soul inspiring episode by Dray Hill for Churchouse Productions.  Gerald plays the pastor; Lady Carol plays a funeral attendee sitting in the front with the hat on and flowered skirt.

Interview with Sounds of Imani aka The Ervins

Dray Hill of Churhouse Productions interviews Gerald & Carol Ervin aka Sounds of Imani on their part in the 2nd Episode of The Rapture Chronicles: "The Homegoing"  written & produce by Dray Hill.

First Lady Carol of Faithtown Church Talks with Tonya

 First Lady Carol talks with Tonya who is going through some difficulties following the loss of her baby.  From the indie movie Faithtown Real Love 2018.  Movie directed and produced by Dray Hill and Churchouse Productions.  IMDb credits.... 

Pastor Gerald Preaching at Faithtown Church

Pastor Gerald plays the part of himself as he preaches to the congregation at Faithtown  from  the indie movie Faithtown: Real Love (2018).  Indie film produced and directed by Dray Hill and Churchouse Productions - Detroit, MI... IMDb credits:

Red Carpet Premiere of "Faithtown: Real Love" (2018)

Sounds of Imani Enjoy Red Carpet


Red Carpet photo w/ Jaylah Buckley, Daniel Jeffries,  Gerald & Carol Ervin (aka Sounds of Imani),  Dray Hill (Producer/Director) (l-r)

Actors/Actreses @ the Event


Sounds of Imani and other actors/actresses

What An Awesome Time!


Sounds of Imani with Elder Cornelius Sims and Evangelist Stacy Sims

Sounds of Imani Short Speech


Gerald & Carol give a short speech congratulating Dray Hill, Odeather Hill & Churchouse Productions on the premiere of the indie film "Faithtown: Real Love"

A few of the actors and actresses

Jayla Buckley, Daniel Jeffries, Gerald/Carol Ervin, Dray Hill (Producer), Natasha Anee, Elder Sims

Nice touch to give the actors and actresses mini awards.

Faithtown: Real Love


The Faithtown Display board

"I Need a Man" Stageplay by Michael Matthews - Pt. 1

Carol plays the role of Grandma in Michael Matthews gospel stage play at Northwestern Activity Center. This scene shows Grandma talking with her daughters about their comments on 'needing' a man and how her daughter and granddaughters are ignoring God in their lives.  

"I Need A Man Stageplay by Michael Matthews - Pt. 2

Grandma get attacked while trying to protect her granddaughter in an abusive relationship in Michael Matthews stageplay "I Need A Man:. 

"I Need a Man" Stageplay by Michael Matthews - Pt 3

Gerald plays the role of grandpa and is upset with his daughter's behavior in Michael Matthews stageplay "I Need A Man" at the Northwest Activity Center, Detroit, MI

Stage Play: "I Need A Man" by Michael Matthews - Pt 4

Stageplay by Michael Matthews at the Northwest Activity Center in Detroit, MI.  Lady Carol plays Grandma who is trying to keep her family together.  Gerald Ervin plays Grandpa. Grandma tries to protect her granddaughter from an abusive relationship.

Voice Over by Gerald Ervin For Anointed Faces

Gerald voice over for the Anointed Faces Gospel Coffee House performing arts venue... Background vocals by Gerald & Carol Ervin

Voice Over by Carol Ervin For Anointed Faces

Voice Over by Carol Ervin for Anointed Faces Gospel Coffee House performing arts venue..  Background vocals by Gerald & Carol Ervin